Moellendorff's Ratsnake (Elaphe moellendorffi)

Moellendorff's Ratsnake - Elaphe moellendorffi


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Scientific Name: Elaphe moellendorffi (Boettger, 1886)
Common Names: Moellendorff's Ratsnake, Red-headed Ratsnake, Hundred Flower Snake
Size: 160 to 180 (up to 225 to 250 cm)
Distribution: South East China, North Vietnam
Other Info: Elaphe moellendorffi is a very large ratsnake for the advanced keeper. As with Elaphe mandarina, thousands of wild caught animals are exported from Asia and very few survive. Only recently have captive bred babies become available, but the success rate is still low.
In the wild E. moellendorffi is found in thick forests and frequently in caves. They seem to prefer low light conditions, cool temperature and are active mainly in the early morning and late afternoon hours. They also seem to prefer smaller food items with pink and fuzzy rats being a favorite.
E. moellendorffi is known to reach 8 ft (250 cm) in length, so they need a large terrarium, and males are known to grow larger than females. Hibernate for 3-4 months, mating takes place in the spring with a clutch size of 6-12 eggs requiring 80 plus days of incubation. Several color morphs have been discovered including hypomelanistic, albino, and patternless.

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